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Riverdance 21
We Stand Together

Sunday 24th September 2017
Tower Millennium Pier, London
12 noon to 6pm

Oi Oi Riverdance Cru finally the belated details on what's commonly known as the party of the year. Last year we were honored to have celebrated Skie 25 years in the game which she totally smashed the boat to bits. We had Vibes playing argubly best set ive heard him throw down on vinyl not too mention the rest of djs that blew it up. But for me Mark N from Australia a hardcore techno dj showing up and laying down probably the most devasting set of technical ability that i have ever witnessed . Ty too all

This year I have had to make things more exclusive - as there have been many difficulties getting this event off the ground for many many reasons. Thus being 3 months late in the event going live, you have all been mega patient and i know its not been easy for all. I know tickets are not easy to come by leading up to event as most have already sold out (300) but the capacity for this year. Is now ONLY 200 will be available this should ensure that the cream or riverdance ravers tie it down early and not leave it last minute. No more increase on ticket sales will happen as its so late in the day!!

The theme this year is to bring people together- with many horrible things happening in the uk though fault or purpose one thing is for sure is that "we stand together" no matter where you from and or what you into. so this is a celebration of our resolve and togetherness through music and vibes. There will be no After party as venues are in such short supply and difficult to obtain without cost on a sunday BUT i have secured 1 extra hour on the showpiece event so yes its 12-7pm this year.

Line up

Glenn Aston... Well Riverdance is known for doing something special each year and this year we have the brilliantly talented Mr Aston all way from midlands Glenn knows all to well the Riverdance vibe as he was down with dj Gershwin couple years ago and fully soaked up the vibe. He will be digging in his vaults as per!

DJ VIBES... Riverdance own lord of the dance- mashup of everything good. Riverdance wouldn't be rd without the likes of vibes and he really does his homework on what to play as he knows the nutbags that attend. He surprised everyone last year with dusting off the vinyl for the first time in lightyears so who knows what he gonna get up to this year!

JEDI... Part of the Resonance furniture, last year's he opened the boat after closing it the year before –But no matter when he plays jedi always fills the floor to the brim. Last year set was for me one of his best I couldn't stop listening to it and always pulls out different tracks. A proper dj with brilliant back catalogue his beat matching and understanding on vinyl of what the boat and Riverdance cru represent is beyond reproach.

DJ STRETCH... The man the myth the boy wonder- yup stretch as most may have noticed was on boat last year as my guest because i already had him earmarked for this. He came down and said and i quote "we got something special going on here" Streth is pretty special himself a proper nice fella always has a smile and time for people and a right straight up guy. He has unreleasemusic house wax galore and he has promised to pull some beauties out the bag that has rarely been seen or heard. hold on to your hair pieces!!!

Dj Trax... This guy really is one of the unsung hardcore jungle cross over heros that has been in it from way back. He is a excellent vinyl mixer and loves nothing more then digging deep in the crates which tbh is rarely done these days with cdj!s and soundcards being the norm. his words and i quote was " awesome love digging deep for the rareities" upon the quetion of "wanna play"!

Maverick.... Well well well the time has come for the guy to step to the showpiece. He has waited patiently and im a man of my word. i know this guy will deliver as proven when couple years ago at the after party with no monitors he still mixed the granny out of the vinyl hour with heavy drops and massive b-lines from those obscure jungle tracks. This one could just cath the faithful off gaurd- Hold tight!

MC STRICT... Original and best Riverdance host. Each year he drops me in it by publicly asking me to book all the same djs that are playing that year and truth be told I could easily do it. But as ever we do like to mix things up. Strict is mr riverdance and we love him. His best quote from last year surely was " look that prick in that super yacht probably a russian called - who dya nick a bollock of or something- well we got the best boat on the thames its the riverdance boat.

MC MAD P... Backstory- Pat was a fully paid up raver to riverdance over the years. He used to buy a ticket full price like everyone else and for his brilliant cru that came to party. He used to have his cameos whilst on board. No fuss no prima donna asking for g.list a realist. Well I decided that on the the great topbuzz 25year birthday 2 years ago that Mad P should be brought in house. He and Strict complement each other so well and they are fine gentleman to go with it and MADP is as bonifide as they get oldskool MC wise. We love his singalong and ridims during sets. His best quote surely last year was " Ratty left at the pier , like a sewer rat who needs ratty anyway"

Remember there are cheap imitations out their but we believe in consistent quality and this year promises to be just that- 200 tickets only and will sell out in advance with NO tickets on the door on the day-No g.list either ALL artists have only a +1 that is it so choose wisley!! Some do try and chance it or try the stealth route for ticket last minute, but lose out as was the case with a few last year. There is nothing I can do due to capacity restrictions im afraid, so you are strongly advised to get them online early.

Sorry its been so long in coming but as they say better late then never

So gear up and get ready for another blinda.

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